A wide range of decorative laminates for your home

Published: 25th September 2011
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Are you looking to give your home a completely frivolous look and appearance? Then the new range of decorative laminates is exclusively for you. Earlier laminates were only the part of the place receiving heavy foot falls such as office and malls but with the rising popularity of the laminates all across the world they are now an important part of every home. in face, remodeling with decorative laminates bring up a great range of possibilities for households that might be out of their reach.

In the modern kitchens, laminates in a sparkling yellow color give cabinets their sleek lines, and in the dining room the table’s granite top might actually be an affordable textured laminate look-alike. In the media room, the cabinetry that brings law and order to audio-visual equipments can be darkly luminescent with myriads of tiny metallic glints, a suitably futuristic look created by unique new laminate design techniques.

It is advised to do a comprehensive research before installing a particular type of laminate for your home. This research will help you not only in finding the most beautiful laminate counter top option for you but locating the most economical yet better deal for you. Decorative laminates come in great ranges of colors, patterns, textures and finishes, and remodeling laminates have emerged as a high-style alternative to granite, marble and other expensive materials. Moreover, remodeling with laminates will create the warmth of beautiful wood for cabinetry, counters, doors, and furniture, but without cutting a single endangered tree.

With the advancements in manufacturing processes, the manufacturing of decorative laminates is being done by using environment-friendly materials thus ensuring maximum possible safety to our environment. You can introduce a lot of creativity by using great solid colors, or in faux wood styles. If you want to give a formal note to the living room, use lacquer-look decorative laminates there. Nowadays, laminates are widely used in dressers, wardrobes and vanities in bedrooms.

Interior decorates all over the world are also making the use of textured laminate to bring out the converted beauty of your rooms. Even there are laminates that showcase the beauty of some of the world’s rarest wood, often with such enigma that can even make environmentalists fool. Other products available in the market include plastic laminates and store fixtures that are nowadays great in demand. Overall, you will be having great choices in terms of decorative laminates.

GREENLAM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary was incorporated in Singapore on 25th March 2005 to oversee Greenlam’s business development across Asia. Their products include decorative laminates, laminate counter top and other types of adhesive laminates.

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